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Policy, Research, Program, Project and International Careers in the APS

All agencies require Policy, Research, Program and Project Management staff for their operation, and qualified professionals are in high demand. There are also a range of International Job Opportunities across this career sector.

Policy, Research, Program and Project Management staff coordinate, direct and oversee the development of policy, projects or a set of related projects in order to achieve outcomes and benefits related to organisational objectives. Typical sub sectors and job titles are given below:


  • International and Stakeholder Agreements and Negotiation
  • International Delegations Management and Support
  • Policy Advice
  • Policy Development


  • Strategic, Usability and Co-Design

Program and Project Management

  • Program Management, Reporting and Support
  • Project Management, Reporting and Support

Ministerial, Cabinet and Parliamentary Liaison

  • Ministerial and Parliamentary Advice
  • Ministerial and Parliamentary Support

Research and Analysis

  • Data Analysis
  • Research
  • Survey Development
  • Evaluation, Performance Reporting, Benefits Realisation
There are 175 jobs in this field

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Workforce Data Analyst - $74,196.00 to $78,020.00
Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Phillip - ACT | ACT
Non-ongoing (temporary)
APS Level 6
Closing: 16 Feb 2016
Various Positions - $60,428.00 to $78,020.00
Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Wadeye - NT | NT
Ongoing/Non-ongoing (temporary)
APS Level 4, APS Level 6
Closing: 18 Feb 2016
Non-ongoing (Temporary) Employment Register - $48,374.00 to $127,929.00
Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Sydney - NSW; Melbourne - VIC; Brisbane - QLD; Adelaide - SA; Perth - WA; Canberra - ACT | NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT
Non-ongoing (temporary)
APS Level 2, APS Level 3, APS Level 4, APS Level 5, APS Level 6, Executive Level 1, Executive Level 2
Closing: 30 Jun 2016
Trade Commissioner Development Programme - $94,113.00 to $105,886.00
Various locations INTL | INTL
Executive Level 1
Closing: 21 Feb 2016
Temporary Employment Register - Aged Care Quality Assessors - $78,773.00
Australian Aged Care Quality Agency
Parramatta - NSW; Box Hill - VIC; Bowen Hills - QLD; Adelaide - SA; Osborne Park - WA; Hobart - TAS | NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS
Non-ongoing (temporary)
APS Level 4, APS Level 5, APS Level 6
Closing: 30 Jun 2016
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