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Find Outcomes


Find Outcomes allows you to find recent promotions, movements, engagements and other employments decisions, only the last two issues of APSjobs can be searched for these notices.


An assignment/movement is a move without advancement in classification by an ongoing APS employee to perform duties in another department/agency or re-assignment of duties within a department/agency.


A cancellation must be notified if any promotion, movement or engagement that has been previously been notified was entered as the incorrect type, the position has been declined or the employment decision is reversed.


A corrigendum notifies and corrects typographical errors, inadvertent omissions and other minor changes. These corrections do not affect the employment decisions.


An Engagement is the decision to employee a non APS employee in the APS. Engagement is subject to certain conditions.


A promotion is the advancement of classification or position in a department/agency hierarchy system by an APS Employee.


When an ongoing APS employee exits the APS, for a variety of reasons, it will be notified as a retirement/termination.