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Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles
Meet our graduates from a range of programs & roles across the APS

Graduate Programs

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Calendar of Events
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APS Graduate Programs

The Australian Public Service (APS) recruits a variety of graduates with a diverse range of skills and qualifications, from Business, Law, Engineering, ICT, HR, Science, Marketing and Management, to Security, Intelligence, Service Delivery and Environmental Management. The APS Graduate Portal will help you learn about APS graduate, apprenticeships and school leaver programs.

What is a Graduate Program?

A graduate program is a structured, on the job program, designed to introduce you to an APS organisation. You will receive training and development, mentoring and on the job support.  Typically graduate program is 10 to 18 months and consists of 1 to 3 rotations. Alternatively, university graduates can apply for entry level positions. 

Why join a Graduate Program?

Many graduate program opportunities offer a dynamic work environment and a diverse and challenging career path. They provide you with the opportunity to develop great skills, knowledge and networks required to kick start a rewarding career in the APS, as well as interesting work and development opportunities. 

There are 2 jobs in this field

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APSC Graduate - $58,231.00 to $58,231.00
Australian Public Service Commission
Barton - ACT | ACT
Graduate APS
Closing: 14 Sep 2017
2017-2018 Vacation Employment Programme - $54,786.00 to $58,380.00
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Barton - ACT | ACT
Non-ongoing (temporary)
APS Level 2
Closing: 25 Sep 2017
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