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Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles
Meet our graduates from a range of programs & roles across the APS

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Graduate Profiles

Alexandra - Department of Finance and Deregulation (DoFD)

Alexandra Profile

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours Class I), Major in Applied Mathematics

University: University of Sydney

Year joined: 2010

I joined the graduate program at the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) in 2010, after completing an honours degree in applied mathematics at the University of Sydney. The program was a great experience and a supportive channel into a career in the Australian Public Service. I felt that I developed my professional and networking skill base immensely during that year.

My initial role at Finance was in the Future Fund and Nation-building Funds section. I was responsible for a finance modelling project, where I applied the quantitative skills that I gained at university to solving problems in a business environment. I also gained experience in a variety of analytical work including preparing briefings and coordinating a legislative analysis project for my section. I have since moved to the Budget Group, a different area of the Department, which analyses all expenditure proposals going to Cabinet. I am enjoying getting into the thick of policy analysis and taking up opportunities to gain accounting and legal knowledge, while getting a whole-of-government perspective on key government priorities.

Another great thing about working at Finance has been my involvement in the Social Club. Last year I took on the role of Events Coordinator. This has been a wonderful way to become an active and contributing member of the community, both within Finance and in Canberra, through organising a variety of fun events and raising funds for numerous charities.

Sion - Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

Sion Profile

Qualifications: Double Degree in Actuarial study and Accounting

University: University of Melbourne

Year joined: 2011

During my graduate year, FaHCSIA provided me with opportunities in different fields. I had the chance to rotate and experience reporting, controlling and forecasting sides of finance, which was a very good combination and laid a solid foundation for my future career.

As FaHCSIA is such a large government department with around 80 billion dollar budget to manage every year, finance staff play an important role to ensure the money has been spent for the right purposes and in the right areas. It makes working in FaHCSIA’s corporate finance group an interesting and challenging career experience.

People thinking of joining us will see that FaHCSIA really is a wonderful place to work, there are lots of good people willing to share their experiences and help you to develop your career. In addition, I quite like both the formal training sessions (For example, leadership and financial governance training sessions) and the informal on the job training that the graduate program has offered me.

Wolfgang - Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Wolfgang Profile

Qualifications:Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Finance

University: Australian National University

Year joined: 2008

The transition from university studying to full-time employment is always a daunting experience but the ABS is excellent at creating a cooperative working environment to ensure its graduates always feel comfortable. With extensive training programs available as well as the responsibilities placed on me and being a part of a great team, my subject matter knowledge has skyrocketed beyond what university could teach me. Combined with the friends I have made whilst working at the ABS, nothing could make work more enjoyable.

Ishani - Department of Human Services (DHS)

Ishani Profile

Qualifications:Bachelor of Laws

University: Bond University

Stream: Legal

Year joined: 2011

I can’t believe it was one year ago that I started the Australian Government Department of Human Services’ Opens in a new window National Graduate Program! I never imagined that I’d be exposed to so many incredible possibilities for my career. I am glad I jumped on board and seized every opportunity.

A highlight for me was representing the department in the Public Sector Young Leaders Conference and the Great APS Debate. The best feature of the program is the Outbound/Inbound Journey which gave me the chance to interact with the department’s front line staff and see government service delivery in action.

I am fortunate to work in a department where my job is so much more than collecting my pay each fortnight. I am part of something big –I help deliver excellence in the provision of government services to all Australians.

Alex - Department of Finance and Deregulation (DoFD)

Alex Profile

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Laws

University: University of Western Australia

Year joined: 2006

I made the move from Perth to Canberra in 2006 after being selected to take part in the Department of Finance and Deregulation’s (Finance) Graduate Development Program.

Since joining Finance, I have undertaken many rewarding and challenging roles. This includes analysing the cost of Defence projects (which included the opportunity to fly in a F-18 Hornet simulator used to train RAAF pilots), coordinating whole-of-government budget processes, working in the executive office of a Deputy Secretary, working in the Minister’s office and to analysing and providing advice on school education issues.

The Finance graduate program was the gateway to all of these opportunities and when coupled with my skills obtained at university it provided me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to actively make a contribution in Finance and the public service as a whole.

As a graduate you will be given the opportunity to work on some of the most important issues facing government and you will be provided with all the support required to make the transition into the life of the public service.

Lauren - Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

Lauren Profile

Qualifications:Bachelor of Arts (Legal Studies), Bachelor of Laws

University: La Trobe University, Melbourne

Year joined: 2011

The FaHCSIA Graduate Program far exceeded my expectations. The support I received from the Graduate Team while I was relocating put my mind at ease and I was able to start work in a stress free mindset.

The opportunities I have been given to provide meaningful and considered input into new policy development have given me a great platform for building successful Public Service career. In addition, the training and development available to Graduates is extensive and accessible.

To those considering the FaHCSIA Graduate Program, I would say – be prepared to make an amazing network of friends and to be challenged in the workplace.

Lawson - Department of Finance and Deregulation (DoFD)

Lawson Profile

Qualifications: Bachelor of Building and Construction Management

University: University of Canberra

Year joined: 2010

Following a career in the building industry as a carpenter, I was looking to expand my knowledge of the building industry and went on to study Building and Construction Management at the University of Canberra.

While at university, I was considering a career in the private sector until I learnt of the construction and infrastructure related work done by the Property and Construction Division within the Department of Finance and Deregulation. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to learn about building and construction from a government perspective and joined the Department of Finance and Deregulation as a Graduate in 2010.

My current role within the Moorebank Project Office is fast paced and exciting and I continue to learn about different aspects of Government and the building industry through my work in project and contract management, tender evaluation, procurement and stakeholder liaison.

Mandeep - Department of Human Services (DHS)

Mandeep Profile

Qualifications:Master of Information and Communication, Technology Management

University: University of South Australia

Stream: Information Communication and Technology

Year joined: 2012

The Australian Government Department of Human Services’ Opens in a new windowNational Graduate Program continues to give me opportunities in a variety of work that makes good use of my skills and enhances my career prospects through ongoing training.

In my first seven months, I’ve performed complex data extraction and statistical analysis, developed reports, and liaised with information specialists to support a department that delivers services to all Australians.

The exposure I receive to our business has been invaluable. I’ve had the opportunity to attend Senate Estimates, the Great APS Debate, and other events that give me an insight into how government works.

I get to continuously build my skills through training, including the Diploma in Government, and have the awesome opportunity to meet regularly with my own senior executive mentor to discuss my career.

The Opens in a new windowNational Graduate Program has allowed me to follow my passion, develop my skills and progress my career. To me, this is such a rewarding life experience.

Emma - Department of Finance and Deregulation (DoFD)

Emma Profile

Qualifications: Master of Commerce (Public Relations), Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Marketing and Advertising), Bachelor of Psychology

University: University of Wollongong

Year joined: 2011

The Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) graduate development program was a great way to join the public service and start my career in communications and public affairs. In my first year of work I was exposed to the whole spectrum of government communications – from its role in policy implementation, through to the way communication serves the department to support the delivery of key business outcomes.

One of the highlights of my graduate year was contributing to the Finance Strategic Plan 2011-2014, a document setting out the department’s direction over a three year period. To be involved in such an influential project was both challenging and rewarding.

Finance is a great place to work and being a graduate here is a privileged position where people at all levels give generously of their time. Tailored learning and development programs as well as fantastic networking opportunities equip graduates with the necessary skills to start a successful career.