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Finance Vacancy N.N. 10760954
Department of Finance Closing date: Friday, 18 October 2019
Job Title: Assistant Secretary - Health Branch
Division: Budget and Financial Reporting
Branch: Health Branch
Job Type: Ongoing, Non-ongoing (Temporary), Full-time, Part-time
Location: Canberra - ACT
Classification: Senior Executive Service Band 1
Agency Employment Act: PS Act 1999
Position No: 087-19
Agency Website:

Job Description


The role is to lead the Health Branch in delivering outstanding policy and financial analysis, to support the division manager and department executive as well as collaborating across the Department, other Central Agencies and the broader Health Portfolio.

The role requires substantial knowledge and experience in the government budgeting and processes, highly developed policy and data analysis skills, the capacity for clear oral and written communication and excellent judgement. It also requires demonstrated stakeholder management and collaboration skills and the capacity to work with internal and external partners to deliver against tight timeframes conforming the budget cycle.

The role requires a strong engagement with public policy, financial, and broader political trends and developments including a strong interest in and understanding of Health policy. The role requires the capacity to make judgements about relative priorities and to innovate to achieve policy objectives within fiscal constraints and the broader government policy agenda.

The role requires the capacity to cultivate productive working relations within and outside the agency and the ability to maintain relationships when under pressure. There will be a requirement to resolve divergent views and conflicting priorities so as to deliver solutions to complex problems. The role requires the delivery of persuasive advice that is considered, is based on the distillation of key evidence and which can be relied upon to have a very high level of accuracy. The applicant will be able to demonstrate the capacity to deliver this advice against tight timeframes.

The role will require the capacity to learn complex governance arrangements, financial frameworks and internal budget systems as well as new policy content. It also requires the capacity to build capability in others, to effectively delegate and ensure that the range of skills required within the Branch are maintained and renewed. The role requires the demonstrated capacity to lead and develop high performing and motivated staff and the ability to support an inclusive and flexible working environment.

As the Assistant Secretary (SES Band 1), you will support the First Assistant Secretary in providing high-level policy advice to Ministers and the Department Executive.

You will represent the department in discussions and negotiations with key stakeholders and perform these roles with integrity and discretion.

You will play a key role in leading staff in implementing departmental initiatives and actively promote and engage with the ongoing transformation of the department by driving and implementing internal reforms.

You will also contribute to and communicate the strategic direction of the department. You will engender trust and respect and have sound judgement, a strong focus on results, and the ability to solve complex issues.

You will be forward thinking, self-motivated, resilient and adept at building relationships in a complex and fast-paced environment.



Successful applicants will be required to obtain and maintain a baseline security clearance.

Non-ongoing opportunity will be offered for a specified term

This recruitment process is being used to fill a current ongoing vacancy. A merit pool established through this selection process may be used to fill future ongoing and non-ongoing positions. Non-ongoing positions will be offered for a specified term of up to 12 months, with the possibility of extension.

RecruitAbility applies to this vacancy. Under the RecruitAbility scheme you will be invited to participate in further assessment activity for the vacancy if you choose to apply under the scheme; declare you have a disability; and meet the minimum requirements for the job. For more information see:

To Apply

Selection Documentation:, (02) 6215 1717
Position Contact: Martin Graham, (02) 6215 2015
Agency Recruitment Site:
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This notice is part of the electronic Public Service Gazette PS41-Fri - 04 Oct 2019 Published by Australian Public Service Commission.
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