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Environment and Energy Vacancy N.N. 10717818
Australian Antarctic Division Closing date: Wednesday, 24 January 2018
Job Title: Various Expeditioner Positions
Division: Australian Antarctic Division
Branch: Support and Operations
Section: Expedition Antarctic Stations
Job Type: Non-ongoing (Temporary), Full-time
Salary: $57,340 - $193,196
Location: Kingston - TAS
Classification: APS Level 2, APS Level 3, APS Level 4, APS Level 5, APS Level 6, Antarctic Medical Practitioner Level 1, Executive Level 1, Antarctic Medical Practitioner Level 2, Executive Level 2
Agency Employment Act: PS Act 1999
Position No: Several Positions
Agency Website:

Job Description


The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is part of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy. As primary agency for Australia’s Antarctic Program, the AAD is responsible for achieving the Australian Government’s Antarctic goals. The AAD is currently recruiting for people with a wide range of skills and abilities to undertake and support science programs and maintain three continental stations: Casey (including the Wilkins Blue ice Runway site), Davis, Mawson and the subantarctic station on Macquarie Island. AAD require people who can live and work together harmoniously in often harsh and inhospitable conditions.

Positions required include Antarctic Medical Practitioners, Station Leaders, Chefs, Field Training Officers, Station Communications Technical Officers, Communications Operators, Communications Riggers, Information Technology Officers, Building Services Supervisors, Engineering Services Supervisors, Carpenters, Electricians, Riggers, Boilermaker Welders, Fitters and Turners, Refrigeration Mechanics, Concreters, Instrument Electricians, Plumbers, Station Mechanical Supervisors, Mechanics, Station and Aerodrome Plant Operators, Electronics Engineer, Aircraft Ground Support Officers, Wilkins Aerodrome Manager, Station Supply Officers and Mechanical Services Balancing Technician.


Classifications: Expeditioner Band 1 (APS Level 2-4), Expeditioner Band 2 (APS Level 5-6), Expeditioner Band 3 (Executive Level 1), Expeditioner Band 4 (Executive Level 2), Expeditioner Antarctic Medical Practitioner Level 1/2

Non-ongoing opportunity will be offered for a specified task

Periods of employment range from 4 to 20 months.

To Apply

Position Contact: Recruitment, 1800 030 755
Agency Recruitment Site:
Applicants to vacancies notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette should be aware that;
.  the names of successful applicants may also be notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette
.  applicants found suitable may be offered similar employment opportunities by other Australian Public Service agencies
This notice is part of the electronic Public Service Gazette PS51-Mon - 18 Dec 2017 Published by Australian Public Service Commission.
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