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Defence Vacancy N.N. 10716328
Department of Defence Closing date: Friday, 22 December 2017
Job Title: Signals Intelligence Analysts
Division: Strategic Policy & Intelligence
Branch: Australian Signals Directorate
Job Type: Ongoing, Full-time
Salary: $65,133 - $89,449
Location: Russell - ACT
Classification: APS Level 4, APS Level 5, APS Level 6
Agency Employment Act: PS Act 1999
Position No: SPI/03289/17 | Several Positions
Agency Website:

Job Description


The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is seeking people to work with us on the cutting edge of Radio Frequency (RF) and telecommunications.

• Do you have what it takes to fill roles ranging from operations to complex analysis, problem solving and system design, and signals analysis?
• Do you want to play a vital role in monitoring and/or analysing modern communications and providing intelligence to support Australian foreign and defence priorities?

Successful applicants will have the ability to think critically and be able to communicate with both technical and non-technical people. Individuals will be motivated to learn and develop their own skills while contributing to the knowledge sharing objectives of the team. We are committed to and will support your professional development with comprehensive on-the-job training and industry courses.

This recruitment activity will be used to fill a wide range of roles. We are seeking people with experience or demonstrated aptitude in one or more of the following to help us provide vital foreign intelligence outcomes in support of Australia's national interest:
• RF and/or Telecommunications engineering;
• Communications Signals and/or Protocols Analysis;
• Radio Frequency (RF) systems operations and/or analysis;
• Telecommunications systems operations and/or analysis;
• Business intelligence and/or data analytics;
• Data processing, programming or scripting.



Prior to commencement successful applicants will be required to undergo a psychological assessment and an extensive security clearance process. As a Positive Vetting clearance is required, applicants must be Australian Citizens; be able to account for their personal background for their whole life; and be able to demonstrate suitability to work in a high security intelligence environment. For more information refer to the Information Pack.


RecruitAbility applies to this vacancy. Under the RecruitAbility scheme you will be invited to participate in further assessment activity for the vacancy if you choose to apply under the scheme; declare you have a disability; and meet the minimum requirements for the job. For more information see:

To Apply

Position Contact: 02 6265 0752
Agency Recruitment Site:
Applicants to vacancies notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette should be aware that;
.  the names of successful applicants may also be notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette
.  applicants found suitable may be offered similar employment opportunities by other Australian Public Service agencies
This notice is part of the electronic Public Service Gazette PS47-Mon - 20 Nov 2017 Published by Australian Public Service Commission.
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