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Jobs and Small Business Vacancy N.N. 10710564
Comcare Closing date: Thursday, 2 August 2018
Job Title: General Temporary Employment Register
Job Type: Non-ongoing (Temporary), Full-time, Part-time
Salary: $58,783 - $91,359
Location: Canberra - ACT; Melbourne - VIC
Classification: APS Level 3, APS Level 4, APS Level 5, APS Level 6
Agency Employment Act: PS Act 1999

Job Description


The General Temporary Employment Register is used to fill short term employment opportunities at the APS3 Level to APS6 Level.

You may be required to undertake a range of operational and administrative tasks with the extent of the duties being determined by the level at which the vacancy is offered. Opportunities may be offered on a full-time or part-time basis for up to 12 months depending on operational requirements.

To register you will need to submit:
1. An application form located on the Careers page of the Comcare website.
2.Your resume outlining your work history, relevant qualifications and training.


Non-ongoing opportunity will be offered for a specified term

Non-ongoing vacancies may be offered for up to 12 months depending on operational requirements.

RecruitAbility applies to this vacancy. Under the RecruitAbility scheme you will be invited to participate in further assessment activity for the vacancy if you choose to apply under the scheme; declare you have a disability; and meet the minimum requirements for the job. For more information see:

About Comcare 

Comcare’s role is to have a positive impact on reducing injury and harm in the workplace. Comcare’s work underpins quality workplaces and plays a vital role supporting workforce participation and productivity.

Please visit Comcare's website at for further information about working at Comcare and how to apply for vacancies.

To Apply

Agency Recruitment Site:
Applicants to vacancies notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette should be aware that;
.  the names of successful applicants may also be notified in all formats of the electronic Public Service Gazette
.  applicants found suitable may be offered similar employment opportunities by other Australian Public Service agencies
This notice is part of the electronic Public Service Gazette PS31-Thu - 03 Aug 2017 Published by Australian Public Service Commission.
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