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Treasury Vacancy N.N. 10584981
Australian Bureau of Statistics Closing date: Thursday, 4 October 2012
Job Title: Assistant Statistician
Division: Technology Services Division
Job Type: Ongoing, Full-time
Salary: $152,140 - $188,846
Location: Belconnen
Classification: Senior Executive Service Band 1
Agency Employment Act: PS Act 1999
Position No: 12/0240

Job Description


Technology Services Division (TSD) provides innovative systems, infrastructure and process work across the ABS to ensure continuous improvement, business continuity and the smooth running of the ABS. As well as assisting all areas of the ABS with process and technological change, TSD is making a strong contribution to a key ABS strategic project – the 2017 Transformation Program.

This position is located in Canberra. In this role you would have responsibility for the leadership and management of one Branch within TSD, reporting to the Chief Information Officer.

The key responsibilities of this role are to:

· develop strong partnership relationships between TSD, Statistical and Business leaders in the ABS;

· provide strategic and professional leadership and ensure the delivery of agreed outcomes;

· manage ICT as a strategic asset of the ABS;

· maintain and develop a highly capable and motivated ICT workforce;

· ensure a focus on information management that positions the ABS to flexibly respond to a range of future statistical needs in a timely way; and

· build strategic relationships in the broader ICT, government and international statistical communities in relation to ICT and Security matters.

In this role you will achieve delivery by empowering others to achieve, agreeing on clear performance standards, giving timely feedback and recognition, and delegating responsibility for work. You will create an environment which facilitates the sharing and effective utilisation of ideas, professional knowledge and skills, and engender a culture of achievement. You will also ensure responsible financial management practices are followed, and ABS statutory and policy requirements are met.

Strong, relevant qualifications and experience in ICT would be a significant advantage for this role. Experience in account management, and the ability to lead others in this area would also be highly regarded. We are keen to find someone who can help us put in place new organisational and administrative arrangements to support 'a new approach to managing ICT in the ABS'

About Australian Bureau of Statistics 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is Australia’s national statistical agency, providing trusted official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia.

The ABS also has an important leadership role, coordinating statistical activities and collaborating with official bodies in the collection, compilation, analysis and distribution of statistics, such as the Department of Health, Department of Industry, as well as national statistical offices in Timor Leste, Fiji and Indonesia. This assists in maximising the value of government investment on these activities, and ensures outputs are fit-for-purpose.

The ABS operates in a dynamic and progressive environment and houses permanent offices in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Geelong. We also have a number of field staff working across all parts of Australia. We encourage and value a diverse workforce. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with disability are encouraged to apply.

To find out more visit 'Careers' on our website at .

To Apply

Selection Documentation:
Position Contact: Patrick Hadley, 02 6252 7768
Agency Recruitment Site:
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This notice is part of the electronic Public Service Gazette PS38-Thu - 20 Sep 2012 Published by Australian Public Service Commission.
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