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Current APS Employees

If you are a current APS employee there are a range of processes and opportunities available to further your career and gain valuable skills and experience across the APS.

APS Only Vacancies

Some vacancies are open only to APS or Parliamentary Service employees, employed under the Public Service Act 1999 or Parliamentary Services Act 1999. Further information is available from the Australian Public Service Commission webpage: Opens in a new window .

APS Learning and Development services and programs

There are a large range of learning and development opportunities available across classifications levels and specifically related to skills required to further develop a career in the APS such as policy writing and development, Project Management, communications, time management etc. Further details related to APS wide training programs and resources are available from the APSC Opens in a new windowLearning and Development page.

APS Mobility and Development

Employees regularly move to different organisations to develop skills, progress career opportunities, gain promotion and responsibility. While this is often initiated by employees, organisations are increasingly using the planned movement of staff within and across organisations as a talent optimisation strategy to skill up, reward and retain high performing employees.

To find current temporary employment and mobility opportunities, please visit the Mobility and Development page.

APS Employee Promotions, Movements and Employment Decisions

Further information related to promotions and movements of current ongoing APS employees and relevant employment decision reviews and committees is available at the Opens in a new windowChanging jobs in the APS page and Opens in a new windowMerit Protection Commissioner's website.